I recently read several articles discussing the prevalence of Mormon women in the lifestyle blogosphere. While I know very little about the LDS Church, and find generalizations to be pretty much useless in any context, I have definitely noted how many of the lifestyle blogs I love are written by Mormons – and, additionally, that my growing familiarity with these individuals through their writing, art, and photo curation has dismantled many of my ignorant assumptions about their religion.

{LDS Temple, Los Angeles, source: Natalie Marie}



It’s difficult to keep up with popular culture and everything else in my life all at once, so I’m perpetually a few years behind the times when it comes to music. If I keep this up, I may lose all my credibility – or at least all my cool. Anyway, music-wise I’m still hovering somewhere around 2010, and have finally gotten a chance to sit down and listen to the melancholic beauty that is Balmorhea‘s Constellations.