It’s so hot out – why on earth am I craving plum cake?

{source: Whisk.Flip.Stir.}



I have recently discovered Food & Wine’s tumblr blog, and, like Ulysses faced with the Sirens, I may need my crew to tie me to the mast before I clean out my bank account on a quest for ingredients. Lately I’ve been drawn to making multicolored meals, ranging from chopped salads to fruit empanadas. This beautiful salmon salad may be on the menu this evening when my HTB returns from his business trip.

{Spinach and Smoked Salmon Salad with Lemon-Dill Dressing Recipe, source: Food & Wine blog, © Christina Holmes}


It’s the height of summertime (or feels like it, anyway), which means that all kinds of amazing fruits are either in – or about to be in – season. I’m already drowning in July’s cherries, and gearing up for August’s blueberries and concord grapes. I know that concord grapes aren’t for everyone, with their powerful, grape soda-like flavor, but I love them. The best bread I’ve ever made is Smitten Kitchen’s concord grape focaccia with rosemary – the rosemary really tones down the sweetness of the grapes, bringing out their full, almost perfume-like flavor. Highly recommended.

{source: Smitten Kitchen}


Gastronomica really does have some of the best covers I’ve seen. The images always swing between the appetizing and the abject, allowing me to visualize the intimacy of food and body. I wanted to post the cover image by Mauro Holanda, which shows an octopus pressed into a cube, but I thought it might be a bit much. In the meantime, kimchi in a perfume bottle and exploding eggs will have to do:

Summer 2009 issue

Winter 2009 issue
{source: Jess Dobkin}