I am once again on the market for a linen sundress – which I think I may just end up making myself, though on my hunt I discovered some truly lovely pieces. Here’s one from the Etsy shop, goodmorningmidnight:

{source: goodmorningmidnight, via Etsy}



My fantastic brother bought me this set of repurposed wine bottle lanterns, which I hung along the curtain rod in my living room. They look so magical.

{source: BoMoLuTra, on Etsy}


And here I’m usually accused of taking little things and blowing them out of proportion – now, finally, an opportunity to take something big and shrink it down. If I could only make a living selling lockets of my troubles, I’d owe it all to Irene Suchoki (if they could only be as lovely as her photographs).

{source: EyePoetryPhotography}

{source: Tracey Capone, Life Through A Lens}