Last night we returned home from a trip to the Bay Area – a place I really adore, and try to visit every few months if I can.

I love how this video visually summarizes San Francisco:



Though I have at times denied it, I am – and always will be – a Jersey girl at heart. When given the option, I will often pass up an opportunity for a meal or an event in New York City for a chance to chow down on Jersey-style grub (diner food, sliders, and eggplant parmesan are prime examples) and hang out with my brother.

One of the places we like to go is a restaurant called Marco & Pepe in Jersey City, which features an antique tin ceiling, artfully faded plaster walls, and amazing desserts. If the weather’s nice, they have lovely blue outdoor tables overlooking…the courthouse.

Jersey: you gotta love it.

{source: Marco & Pepe}