It’s difficult to keep up with popular culture and everything else in my life all at once, so I’m perpetually a few years behind the times when it comes to music. If I keep this up, I may lose all my credibility – or at least all my cool. Anyway, music-wise I’m still hovering somewhere around 2010, and have finally gotten a chance to sit down and listen to the melancholic beauty that is Balmorhea‘s Constellations.



A blushing thanks to Patricia and General Naps Lulu for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. It’s an honor to be linked by both of you.

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Seven random facts about babu:
1. She is a she.
2. She will get her Ph.D. in June.
3. Her favorite garment is a tartan flannel nightshirt.
4. She taught her dog to shake hands.
5. She is sitting in her (soon to be) parents-in-law’s house as she writes this.
6. Her grandfather was in the CIA.
7. She plans to start reading ‘The Secret History’ on the flight back home.

[source: Statuette of a Woman, 3rd century BCE, The Metropolitan Museum of Art}