Sam from the wonderful blog, day•dream, has been kind enough to nominate me for the Tell Me About Yourself Award. I was unable to find the original source of this award online (hence my lack of a link), so I’m going to bend the rules a little bit to turn revealing “seven things about myself” into “seven pictures that reveal something about me.” Here goes:

{source: Unleashed}

{source: Bisous Chic, provenance unknown}

{source: Sunday Suppers}

Rene Redzepi
{Rene Redzepi ceramics, source: Remodelista}

Fergus Wessel
{Fergus Wessel, source: I Love Typography}

{Allegory of Abundance, Sandro Botticelli, c. 1480, source:}

{source: Blomsterverkstad}



Each year, my wonderful boyfriend (now fiancé) gives me the gift of light for my birthday. The yard looks truly magical. Plus, this year’s ensemble included something I’ve dreamed about for a while now: cafe lights!

{source: Designer Dad}


It’s the height of summertime (or feels like it, anyway), which means that all kinds of amazing fruits are either in – or about to be in – season. I’m already drowning in July’s cherries, and gearing up for August’s blueberries and concord grapes. I know that concord grapes aren’t for everyone, with their powerful, grape soda-like flavor, but I love them. The best bread I’ve ever made is Smitten Kitchen’s concord grape focaccia with rosemary – the rosemary really tones down the sweetness of the grapes, bringing out their full, almost perfume-like flavor. Highly recommended.

{source: Smitten Kitchen}


The windstorm a few months back left my neighborhood – and yard – strewn with branches from all kinds of trees. A pine tree down the street was one of the many local casualties, though we benefited from this loss in the form of a lovely new pinewood bench for our garden.

{source: my fiancé’s considerable talent}


I’m in the mood for a weekend-themed post, even though I’m not going to have much of a weekend myself. Being a student – even, or perhaps especially, a soon-to-graduate student – means that work doesn’t take a weekend hiatus, but actually gets more intense since Saturday and Sunday are often the only days free of other commitments.

What I’ve promised myself, when I get through the worst of it, is to spend some serious time outside. The only thing that keeps me at my desk with beautiful weather taunting me through the window is this promise of hikes and hammocks and barbecues and tree swings when it’s all over. Tree swings! I never had one as a kid, but always wanted one.

{source: Dzierlenga Furniture, Etsy}

{source: SkySaddle, Etsy}

{source: Fotos by Karen Howard}


Every mother’s day, for as long as I can remember, my mother spends the day gardening. This year, she planted hydrangeas and snowberries to use in my wedding centerpieces this fall. Leave it to her to spend mother’s day on a gift for me!

If you’d like, leave a comment on something you love about your mom – or about being a mom! I hope you’re all having a beautiful Sunday.

Hydrangeas at the Lincoln Avenue Nursery