We finally got our wedding invitations back from the printer, complete with copper foil lettering and beautiful quality offset. My fiancé created the design and a template, which will require us to do a bit of cutting, pasting, and hand stamping – we’re also addressing the envelopes ourselves.

Funny how DIY tends to be an all-or-nothing kind of game. In our case, we’re doing a sort of half-DIY job, creating our own design and then having the printer do the heavy lifting so that we can construct the invitations and then put on some finishing touches. It’s the perfect solution for crazy-busy people with design skills and the desire for a very personal aesthetic.


One thought on “INVITATIONS

  1. Very beautiful invitations. Jack and I did calligraphy for his son’s wedding last October. He drew my guide lines and I lettered. It was a lot of work but fun and well worth it. You’ll create a great memory!

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