I’m in the mood for a weekend-themed post, even though I’m not going to have much of a weekend myself. Being a student – even, or perhaps especially, a soon-to-graduate student – means that work doesn’t take a weekend hiatus, but actually gets more intense since Saturday and Sunday are often the only days free of other commitments.

What I’ve promised myself, when I get through the worst of it, is to spend some serious time outside. The only thing that keeps me at my desk with beautiful weather taunting me through the window is this promise of hikes and hammocks and barbecues and tree swings when it’s all over. Tree swings! I never had one as a kid, but always wanted one.

{source: Dzierlenga Furniture, Etsy}

{source: SkySaddle, Etsy}

{source: Fotos by Karen Howard}


One thought on “SWING

  1. Ah, swings! I so almost bought one the other day. It really would be the perfect escape from my pile of study books, and a good way to pass sunny afternoons procrastinating 😉

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