{source: Captivated by Image}

Serge Kalouguine, a nose for the Diptyque perfume company, created this fragrance in 1983. The first time I encountered it was about ten years ago, in an exquisite little shop in Providence. I spent the following year saving up to buy some for myself. I remember being so excited when the little white box arrived in the mail.

The bottle is still two-thirds full, still makes me feel like I’ve been caught in a rainy rose garden – crushing leaves and moss underfoot as I run for shelter – and still perfect to wear when the air is heavy.


2 thoughts on “SHADOW IN THE WATER

  1. I love it! I felt that way about my perfume from Chanel. I went to the counter looking for I’m not sure what and smelled umpteen perfumes, but I definitely knew “the one” right away and have been wearing it every day since. There is something about it that gives me courage.

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