Though I was never much of a smoker, the flavor of smoke on the tongue can be addictive. While doing research in London two years ago, I had a brief but all-consuming affair with Ditty’s Smoked Oatcakes – which I’ve never been able to find in the US, though I do occasionally stalk them online in my weaker moments. Smoked salt also makes a beautiful addition to a bloody mary when you use it on the rim of the glass, while Guinness and bacon add smoky depth to creamy clam chowder.

Late March is that finicky time of year when the weather fluctuates between winter and spring, nipping at your ears in the morning and warming the back of your neck in the afternoon. Yesterday I drank cup after cup of smoky lapsang souchang tea to keep warm, also leaving the windows wide open to let cool air waft through the house.

{source: Peonyts’ Blog}

For more smoke, try the Kitchn’s Eight Ways to Add Smoky Flavor to a Dish.


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